Helmets – Don’t Leave the Trailhead Without One

We are going to place a lot of importance on wearing helmets.  We believe they are important and that they save lives.  And if you don’t care too much about your life, know that they also keep bugs, sticks, leaves, sippy water*, etc off of your face and out of your mouth.  That is what the part of the helmet that comes around your face is designed to do, protect your face.

Concussions are getting a lot of attention these days, and rightfully so.  To get good information about concussions such as why it is important to be aware of them, how to diagnose them, and how to get back riding after one, see this great article from the Mayo Clinic: http://www.mayoclinic.org/medicalprofs/sports-related-concussion-clu2703.html.  As part of getting you back on your OHV again, it is best to have a baseline test done prior to riding, or any other sport where concussions may be possible.  To get additional information about this test, see Impact Test’s website; and visit your clinic for the testing.

We often get asked, “what kind of helmet should I buy and how much money should I spend?”  Our counter question is, “how much is your head worth to you?”

If you don’t feel your head or your child’s head is worth much, then buy a cheap helmet at a hardware store. If you like your memory and want to keep it, if you like being able to think on your own, if you want your brain to be able to control your bodily movements, then spend the money and get a good helmet that fits well.  

And then wear your helmet – always.

Snell Memorial Foundation

Often referred to as just ‘Snell’, this non-profit’s goal is to have better helmets created to improve people’s chances to survive a crash.  They have created a helmet certification program for bicycle, motorcycle helmets (on and off-road), and auto-racing.  Snell’s website has a lot of great information.  Here are some portions we think you might find interesting: 

Snell’s general FAQs: http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq

Why wear a helmet information and how helmets work: http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq#aWhyHelmet

Helmet fit: http://www.smf.org/helmetfaq#aMotoFit

Buying a helmet over the internet: http://www.smf.org/docs/internet_helmets


HelmetCheck.org is a website developed by the Motorcycle Industry Council’s (MIC) Helmet Task Force. HelmetCheck.org enables riders to verify that a helmet they own, or are considering for purchase, complies with the U.S. Department of Transportation’s safety standard (FMVSS 218). This new website allows consumers to find information on DOT-compliant helmets from any helmet manufacturer voluntarily participating in the database. It is also a repository of helmet-related information, research and public service announcements for the benefit of consumers, policy-makers and law enforcement.

Did you notice that the helmet manufacturer listed above aren’t the cheapest?  We care about your head and want you to choose a helmet that protects it well.

*What is sippy water you ask?  It is the stagnant water which has been sitting on the trail tread for several days and has become rancid.  Not something you want in your mouth or to accidentally swallow!