The original members of the IOHVA organized in 1988 to partner with the state to start an ATV registration program for future funding.

Our first meeting in 1988

Until 1998, there were no public areas to ride off-highway vehicles, only private parks; the State of Iowa prohibited riding on State-owned lands.

The IOHVA worked with the State to develop criteria for selecting potential areas for OHV parks, proposed some possible park locations, and helped navigate the State’s land acquisition policy. This work resulted in a development of a mutually-beneficial relationship. The State saw an increase in registered off-highway vehicles, which helped fund riding areas. Additionally programs to help organize non-profit clubs, insurance programs, and grant assistance were developed to support our support and the development and ongoing maintenance of these riding areas.

Today Iowa has eight state-sponsored OHV Parks and six registered clubs. Your ongoing support the IOHVA helps us continue to provide fun, safe riding experiences for all riders.