Economic Impact Study Available for Download!!

In 2018 the Iowa OHV Association put a request in our grant to include funds to have our economic impact study updated. The previous info was almost ten years old and was not up to date with the times. This had not included info on SxS use as they were not as popular then, was based of the spending at the time, and just all around dated.

We were awarded those funds and worked with Mark Imerman from Regional Strategic to perform conduct this study. With the help from the Iowa DNR OHV program, we supplied information to Mark on total number of titled machines as well as total number of registered machines. Then the survey questions were discussed, reviewed, and distributed to 1500 random machine owners to gather info. This was broken out by machine type (ORM, ATV, and SxS) to make sure the numbers were balanced between those groups.

The following document is the final result of that study and is available to share or use where needed.

Economic Impact Report 2018



  1. Is there any push to get state wide OHV on the roads? Something similar to South Dakota’s law would be great. My county is very unwilling to write any kind of ordinance to allow OHVs on the county roads. We have groups present to the BOS several times and they dont want you town people on there gravel road.
    Thank you
    Dave Meylor
    712 541 9656

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment Dave.

      I will explain the best I can here- The Iowa Off-Highway Vehicle Association is neutral in the on-road push. We attempted to get a statewide ordinance/law in place a few years back and it was not successful. Several lawmakers suggested leaving it go as-is because counties already had the option to create or adopt their own ordinance. At that time we then worked with several stakeholder groups to develop a model ordinance to be used when people/entities were looking to adopt some form of rules and try to keep counties consistent. It was soon after decided by our board of directors to take the neutral stance.

      Even if there was a statewide rule, it would have the option for counties to opt-out and not allow them to be used on secondary or other roads. Therefore it would not in fact create a mandatory rule and all counties would automatically be opened. There would also be a risk of losing all options if the push was met with strong resistance. We would expect manufacturers to step in as well as they are opposed to on-road use as well. The biggest goal of undertaking such efforts would be to be more uniform from one county to the next and that can be achieved in other ways outside of the IOHVA’s realm.

      The Iowa OHV Association was created to develop and maintain parks and that remains out focus going forward. Any efforts to work on the road use will not be from this group. it was discussed again at great lengths over the weekend with our two days of meetings and it even further solidified that stance. We are always looking at land options to try and bring the next park to the state of Iowa and encourage others to join our efforts as well as their local clubs to help improve the sport here in Iowa. If there is not a local club, we can help develop one with your groups.

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