Two Rivers ATV Club Hatfield-McCoy Ride October 2017

By Gary and Ginny Clauson, Two Rivers ATV Club

The club planned a ride to the Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia for mid October. Since we were headed south, part of the group decided to leave a little earlier and make a stop to ride Brimstone in Tennessee. Six couples made the side trip to ride Brimstone and despite the rain managed to have a great time riding the trails for a couple of days.

We made our way to the historic town of Matewan West Virginia where 6 couples stayed at the Historic Matewan Bed and Breakfast and the rest of the group stayed at the other local motels or camped. One of the advantages of staying at the Historic Matewan Bed and Breakfast was waking up to a hot home cooked breakfast everyday, ready on time for you to enjoy and then hit the trails. This group was one of the largest participation long distance rides the club has had with 31 riders and 24 machines.


All of the accommodations were in the downtown area which had easy access to the trail heads, one was a block away and the other was about 6 miles outside of town. Whichever rail head you chose provided a full day plus of riding on excellent trails. Matewan had many historical sites to see like the Hatfield-McCoy cemetery at the beginning of the Devil Ansel trail. The town also had a museum and historical buildings with lots of information for history buffs. Our group was so large that one day we decided to split the group up for safety reasons on the trails and also to accommodate different riding styles. No matter which trail you choose to ride in the Hatfield-McCoy trail system you will be amazed at the scenery, waterfalls, well groomed trails and wildlife. This trip we rode the Buffalo Trails and the Devil Ansel. So far we have been able to ride 5 of the 6 trail systems of the Hatfield-McCoy trails in two trips down there and each provides an excellent fun filled ride.

One day we were lucky enough to hook up with a guide who took us to Kentucky to ride the outlaw trails. Once again we were able to hop on our machines, cross over the river to Kentucky and hit the trails. This guide knew all the unmarked outlaw trails and was able to take us to see things we would have never found on our own.

Highlights of the day included a ride to see the wild horses (who ended up being pretty friendly and even ate out of our hands), some of the historic Hatfield/McCoy cabins and even the site of one of the massacres. The highlight of the day was the trip up the mountain where we met one of the Hatfield descendants who welcomed us to enjoy the panoramic view from his mountain top old cabin. The site was used for many years to hold Bluegrass jamborees which hosted over 12,000 people at times.

Mid October proved to be a good time to be in Matewan, fall colors were just beginning and the weather was perfect. Matewan provided a great place to stay as ATV’s and UTV’s are allowed to drive anywhere in town. Once you parked your trailer and unloaded you were free to travel anywhere you needed to go.

At the end of each day we would head back to town, clean up and enjoy dinner at one of the local restaurants or just sit on the front porch of the bed and breakfast and enjoy the peaceful evening. We strongly recommend Matewan as a destination for a great time at the Hatfield-McCoy trails.

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