Planning a Long Distance Club Ride

By Gary and Ginny Clauson – Two Rivers ATV Club

Long distance club rides don’t just happen, they require months of planning. The first step is determining where the group wants to go and whether they are interested in just a ride or looking to attend a jamboree. Also you need to know what type of accommodations people are interested in, motels, cabins, camping, etc.

Once we know what the group is interested in, the search is on. The internet provides excellent information on trails, accommodations, places to eat and local attractions. Often times we search for clubs in the area we are headed for input on trails and areas to stay and ride. When planning, we try to look for resorts that offer motel rooms or cabins and camping so we can keep the group together as much as possible. We also try to find a spot that has access to the trail head so we do not have to trailer our machines. One thing we also try to keep in mind is some people in our club have limited vacation time. So planning a trip where members can do all or part of the long distance trip has become important too.

After the information is gathered we present to the group and try to come to an agreement on when, where and how many will be interested in the trip. Then it is time to make reservations and try to secure group discounts when possible. Often times all you have to do is say how many are coming and ask what discounts they offer.

Group long distance rides can be a lot of fun and often times we don’t just ride. In the past few years we have made trips to Rocky Mountain Jamboree in Richfield, Utah, Rally in the Pines in MacKay, Idaho, we have ridden the Black Hills in South Dakota, the Big Horns in Wyoming, Birchwood and Black River Falls Wisconsin, Alpine Wyoming, Tennessee, West Virginia and sand dunes in Oklahoma. Side trips to Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and The Teton Mountains made for great days off from riding.
We also try to design a club shirt specific to the long distance rides as a keepsake but also to stand out in the crowd, especially at the ATV rallies and jamborees.

It takes time, patience and effort to schedule and plan long distance rides for large groups but the outcome is well worth the effort!

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