IOHVA’s Unique Relationship with NOHVCC

by Bob Fleege, July 4, 2017

As you browse the IOHVA Website you will notice that over the years we have established’ a highly effective relationship with the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council or more commonly known as NOHVCC.  One of the main reasons for this relationship is the awesome resource offered by NOHVCC ranging from how to start a club to how to build and maintain a successful OHV Park. One of my favorite resources is a program called Adventure Trail which is an educational program designed specifically for kids. It uses a series of Activities, Coloring Books, and Posters to teach kids about all aspects Do’s and Don’ts of ATV Safety.

NOHVCC is regarded as one of the Nations best resources in protecting our right to ride. Behind every successful relationship, you will find a strong group of leaders.  I have had the pleasure over the past 14 years to meet many of these individuals. The IOHVA is extremely fortunate to have one of these outstanding individuals on our Board.  Dan Kleen was born and raised in Pocahontas, IA and was one of the key advocates in protecting Iowan’s rights to ride.  Through Dan’s guidance, Iowa is home to eight OHV Parks.  Dan was fortunate enough to have a strong team of Iowa Off-Highway enthusiast on his team and together they took an almost surmountable challenge of figuring out a formula that would benefit all parties in the establishment of OHV Parks in Iowa.

Talk to anyone at NOHVCC and they will tell you the enormous impact Dan has had over the years. Ask anyone who has served on the IOHVA Board the past 20 plus years and they will most likely tell you the same thing.  So the next time you see Dan take a second to say thank you and talk to him about how you can be a part of the IOHVA’s Team in protecting and improving our OHV Parks.

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