Getting Started in riding Off-Highway Vehicles

Article reprinted from the NOHVCC website

How do I get started riding an ATV or a dirt bike, you ask.  Well this is the place to get started with the getting started.

To help folks like you get started from square one, we are creating a set of web pages and a DVD for you.  We are currently in process so keep checking to get additional information.  For you experts out there, we hope to have some information that may be of use, but hope that you will help as well.  We are also creating a forum where people can ask all types of questions and get answers from riders.  Watch for that as well.

We have broken down the process into a few broad categories.

  • Machines, their types, and why you would want to ride one
  • Safety gear – what are the basics, what are the next steps, why it is important
  • Logistics – you have your OHV, now what
  • Joining other riders
  • Being involved

As the pages are created, links from this page will be added so that you know when we have information about the topics.

This project is for you, so let us know what you think.  What are we missing (besides everything right now)?  What is good?  What doesn’t quite make sense?  Send us your feedback, right now to  Eventually, on our forum.

To keep our lawyers happy: During the next few pages, NOHVCC will be telling you about different products.  We don’t endorse any particular product over another one and because something is or is not mentioned on these pages doesn’t mean it is any better or less better than other products not mentioned.  We are simply giving examples of what is out there.  No more, no less.

We also would like to mention that this project is getting awesome support from a lot of partners.  Many manufacturers and after-market companies are allowing us access to their information.  You will see links and other information from our partners in the next several pages.  We want to thank all of them for their support.  This project wouldn’t be as good without all of their support.

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